DataVault and ELM Introduction – PodClass

Deze training wordt als PodClass uitgevoerd!

Vanuit je eigen locatie interactief deelnemen aan deze training.

Een introductie in DataVault en Ensemble modelling!

Wat zijn de eerste stappen naar een Ensemble Logisch Datamodel en hoe werk ik dit naadloos uit naar een Data Vault model. Wat is de basis van Data Vault. In deze training komt dit allemaal aan bod!

Data Vault and other Ensemble Modeling patterns (EMP) are data modeling approaches optimized for enterprise data integration, data historization, big data, streaming, and all situations requiring highly flexible data structures.

Key features of Ensemble modeling methods include: business focus (aligns with business concepts for models that are easy to read and communicate), agility (adapts quickly to new or changing data feeds or business rules), completeness (realistically allows all data to be loaded, integrated, aligned and reconciled), and auditability (allows for traceability from source to presentation).

These features make Data Vault and Ensemble modeling approaches the best choice for enterprise data warehousing, enterprise data integration initiatives, and analytical platforms.

This training will introduce you to Data Vault and the way to get there – ELM.


Business Area Representatives, Business Analysts, Enterprise Data Modelers, Analytics Professionals, Data Scientists, Enterprise Architects, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO, & all who use & leverage organizational data


The day will start at  9.00 hrs and ends around 17.00 hrs CET.




Price is  € 895,00 (ex. VAT).

  • Maandag 18 mei 2020

Aanmelden kon tot: 15-05-2020.


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