Data Vault Modeling in a Day, Lausanne

This is a course on data vault modeling. It covers the complete scope of topics required to understand the data vault modeling approach and how this approach supports the goals of the data warehouse.

Data Vault modeling is quickly becoming the standard approach for modeling the data warehouse. Compared to other popular approaches, data vault modeling represents a paradigm shift – a new way of thinking. Realizing the full benefits of this approach means embracing this new paradigm in its entirety. This course is intended to cover all of the key components that make up the data vault modeling paradigm – distilled into a single day. As such it goes beyond an introduction to arrive at a thorough and practical overview. Because there is a great deal to cover, this course includes a rich set of resources and materials. These are intended to support the learning process before and after the training day itself.

This course is intended for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. The class is perfect for those who are just beginning to work with data vault. In addition, the course is well suited for those who have heard about data vault and are interested in learning what it really means.

Data Modelers, Information Modelers, Data Architects, Information Architects, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing managers, designers, project leads and project owners, DW DBAs, Data Mart designers, Integration Experts, ETL Developers, and Functional Area Representatives.

Because the data vault concepts are closely aligned to the business, those working DWBI from both business and technical perspectives will benefit equally from this course.

Topics covered include understanding the concept behind data vault, the data warehousing modeling requirements that drive this approach, how the data vault addresses these needs, the idea of the core business concept and the enterprise-wide business key, Hubs, Links, Satellites, backbone models, tracking history, modeling process, loading and sourcing the data vault model, comparing the pros, cons and fit of different modeling approaches, Link design topics, understanding Satellite attribution, source-driven versus business semantics, data integration around Hubs keys, dealing with hierarchies, and practical modeling topics.

This course consists of three (3) components: The one day classroom course, the online video lessons, and the course materials.

  • Classroom course day
    • Lectures
    • Case Lab
    • Exercises
  • Online video lessons
    • Data vault fundamentals
    • Related data warehousing & Architecture topics
  • Course materials
    • Class presentation deck
    • Workbook
    • Lab
    • Guide
    • Book

All components are designed to work together by communicating a consistent and clear message concerning the fundamentals of data vault modeling.

Course Duration:

This course is 1 day in length * PLUS * 2 weeks of online on-demand lessons.

The day will start at  9.00 and will end around 17.00 hrs. (timing and exact location will be provided by organizing partner)





Registration fee  € 3.200,00 (ex VAT).
More people from the same company are invited to ask for a special group discount. Mail BI Academy for all options.


The test is written in English, we do not grade on grammar or spelling constructs – only on ideas and concepts. Two and a half hours are allowed for this test.

Turnaround time: expect the results of the certification test to be available 5 to 6 weeks after the class has been taken.  We will notify each individual by e-mail, therefore the student must provide a working e-mail address upon registration for this course.



  • Dinsdag 7 november 2017

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